Travel “Around the World”. What does it mean?

All the people who can afford it sooner or later have thought about taking a trip “around the world”; the “fever” of escaping for a sabbatical year last year began to rise to me. The goal was to touch as many countries as possible in a year, but obviously the first problem was the “financial” one and so I started a search on the internet to get an idea and I also contacted a good blogger Giulia Raciti, who gave me a lot of information useful, making me also understand what I wanted to do in a year and what I could not have done … in any case, I was in a period in which I really wanted to “escape” from everything (the work) and from everyone (my family, Italy, the society in which I lived and still live today), to travel the world, vent my curiosity and maybe find a place to “stay” one day …
Obviously I returned to the earth in a few months, after the fever of escape at all costs passed, after the existential “crisis” (and who doesn’t?), I realized a couple of things:
1) That they needed a lot of money for a year of travel (I had savings that could have helped me but that I would have been at 0 € …), and it would have been an investment in a certain passion that was irrepressible for me, but returned to home after a year, I would have really remained anchored for who knows how many years in my “reality” waiting to save something at most for a weekend in Europe….
2) It was necessary to have a lot of free time … we say for 365 days or 6 months at least, besides having to leave work for a while (I work on my own in the management of a couple of small accommodations in a Center of Italy: Abruzzo ), the time I could find it, certainly having someone to trust blindly, that would replace me in my work, especially in the summer, but I had to spend that time well to see what I wanted to see, because I wouldn’t have had a second chance … .
3) If after a year I decided not to “return” I would have to get by myself and find a way to survive, in addition to the problem of leaving everything I had in Italy: I speak of “affections” and not “things”, those can always be bought somewhere else, but human relationships … are difficult to replace.

Having said that going to various sites, one of the most famous that you will surely know is or I got an idea of cost base: about € 5,000 for flights with various routes and 15 calls at most (it is one of the around-the-world ticket rules: no more than 15 stops including the return, normally in the city of departure), which would allow them to do around the world to the east or west, adding a budget of up to € 12,000 for a year (in short, € 1000 a month with a possible daily cost of about € 33 for food, lodging, transport and extra attractions to visit), you could “stay” in an acceptable perspective, but obviously very “spartan”, only for real backpapers (in which I believe I would have had no problems because when I traveled to countries like India I adapted to sleep anywhere, B&B , dusty buses, cars, guest house, hotel or table of a train …).
These costs obviously must be referred only to countries where you can live with the equivalent of a few dollars: then Asia with some exceptions such as Japan and Korea, Africa, Eastern Europe or some South American countries .
Even if one wanted to go and see Australia and / or New Zealand, USA and / or Canada, in addition to Northern Europe, our costs would rise … let’s say to give an example of 3000 euros per month (the canons 100 euros per day from “tourists”) “on vacation without worries of money, which we often calculate as a threshold, having saved all year to reach this goal …), except that in a year about 36000 euros would go, flight excluded, so wishes to those who have this money and the time to spend it …


At this point in the “research” I had also found interesting and “alternative” solutions as well as subscribing to various newsletters that continue to send me “offers” for “around the world” trips or “all inclusive” packages …
The cruise around the world for the exact duration of a year that started January 1st 2017 from London intrigued me a lot, but now it has passed … and ended at New Year …), and was offered at the “modest” price of € 36000 ( more extras, ground expenses and any fees for visas or permits to be quantified separately …). Not really within the reach of “everyone” ….


In the maritime sector, I also discovered the possibility of booking cabins equipped for passengers on cargo containers, called “Freigther Travel”, these travel solutions guarantee a trip around the world at reasonable prices (around 7500-8000 euros if you settle and plan well, but staying for weeks in the middle of the ocean, with brief stops in the ports where the navigation plan brings these ships to a halt, and during stops you can also go ashore, but you must absolutely be found on board at the start or you are left in the port … we say that you would have little time to see something, but if you like the sea and spend long periods in the quiet of a cabin, always talking with the same people, watching DVDs, playing cards, chess and reading or writing your memoirs, then it is the trip for you, I saw several sites like, however, fantasizing especially on this: https: //www.fre
The food is included in the price of the accommodation and is eaten in a common canteen equipped with all the comforts (forget the movies from the movies or dirty and smelly places on ships managed by traffickers or shady “villains”), on the other hand the cargo ships they have a certain number of cabins for travelers who book during each trip, and being an excellent form of “extra” income for the company, you pay for an excellent service, at least according to testimonies.

Sardinia Sea

To get around the world, solutions like the more classic “work during the trip” type in the hostels in exchange for food and lodging remain. In some countries it is possible, but watch out for labor inspectors, because I doubt you will have thought about applying for a work visa in a foreign country, and then there is the “voluntary work” with which you can severely limit expenses, and of which I will speak a day, having participated in an “international volunteer camp” last year. The volunteer camps available in the world are varied and allow you to make an experience with the people and culture of the place that you will hardly forget, normally paying a modest sum for food and lodging, and working a few hours as a volunteer, without breaking your back and stopping when you want (on the other hand you are a volunteer!), basically stopping for a couple of months in different places, with 3 fields it would be possible to turn a part of the world, doing intermediate steps to “detach” from the various fields and using the ‘plane for long distances, with the advantage of being able to find heavily discounted last minute tickets or change your trip at will. Finally, let’s not forget the possibility of being able to integrate the various “solutions” listed above, which could be a good choice if you manage to plan the trip well by having the various choices fit together.
In summary I think these are the various options available for a trip around the world today, or you can always start by hitchhiking (and taking into account long “stops” in the most unimaginable places waiting for the next step), then you can also take car, motorbike, bicycle, caravan, horse, mule, sled, velocipede … and start your journey on the road, to the Atlantic Ocean or the Pacific and find a way to cross it at a modest price (for the record the Strait of Bering is NOT to be crossed by ship but only by plane, and from the testimonies I read it costs a lot of money, being a route that is not widely used). Whether you want to make the rounds by plane or cargo ship, by bus, or by mule, one thing is certain: you will never know what will happen to you when traveling around the world and you will definitely return changed.
I hope I have given a sufficient overview of what I found on the subject, which still fascinates me a lot and to which I do not believe I will ever give up as an idea to be implemented one day. Once again, next time!

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