Tourist visa: when enter is very hard.

A very “common” problem for some destinations is obtaining the VISA.
In this case we talk about Tourist Visa: for now I will mention my personal experiences that led me to not have big problems (up to now … alas, but I’ll talk about this spring ….) To obtain a tourist visa.
Surely one who knows this is here: This guy HENRIK JEPPESEN has seen half Africa listing tips to enter many countries, the blog is in English, so if you are familiar with the language or you want to use the translator please settle down.
As far as I am concerned, I can say with certainty that the most complex visa to obtain was the one for India in 2016 ….
A definitely useful site is to “Travel safe” that allows you to have information “updated” on the countries to visit, situation and security for those traveling (

For the rest I did not have particular problems in obtaining the entry visa in other countries, be it Japan or Algeria (but in this second case we were with a “humanitarian” organization so everything was easier as it is occupied the association that organized the trip), certainly organized trips are simpler to obtain the Visa, since the agency or the organizing body thinks, such as Russia or China … .There are some countries in to whom the “invitation letter” or “sponsor” is required in certain cases (I think of Australia for a work visa, for example), while tourist visas are subject to the payment of a more or less high “tax”.
Obviously it is not recommended to travel to countries where conflicts or political “tensions” are raging, but also the Visa for the USA is not a trivial matter … without counting the exhausting “controls” of the anti-terrorism that our American “allies” propose to all. tourists / travelers who disembark at the airports with stars and stripes …
Regarding this I can only tell a personal experience happened to my father, upon arrival at the airport in New York (La Guardia Airport to be precise), where the passport control was found that “did not exist” his fingerprints in the database … so I took him to the airport security office, where the Yankee cops made us wait for the canonical half an hour before asking us a few questions and letting us go.
In my opinion this situation was due to the “red” sticker applied by the staff of the airline with which we had flown, as in the first stop in Madrid, where we took an American Airlines flight, my father could not answer the questions of the hostess in Spanish or English (not knowing languages) and was sent to an “additional” check of baggage and clothing by the staff of the company, with the addition of the “infamous” red dot (a square actually … ), applied to the back of the passport. In fact, my brother and I, having received no stamp, passed unharmed to the New York controls ….
Unfortunately, from personal experience I have to reiterate that the “security” controls USA are really excessive in my opinion and I give a practical example: passing through the land customs in Tijuana, back from Mexico, I was stopped and “scolded” by the clerk control (which among other things was Hispanic …) because I had forgotten to throw two oranges bought in Mexico ….

The USA is very taxing on the introduction of fruits and vegetables from other countries because they could contain “chemical agents”, vice versa coming out of the United States is not difficult … all Mexican workers who cross borders after a day spent working hard the “gringos”.
I could say more but I stop here, for sure there are countries like Japan where it is easy to enter by simply declaring the reason for your visit (tourism) and you do not have to pay tourist visa ….
Others are also asking for high figures to have the “privilege” to visit their territory (I think of China, but also India and Russia do not joke …).
What do you think? If someone wants to give his personal contribution is welcome, I have “postponed” for now a trip to China, after seeing the “expensive” costs of the visa and I’m organizing for another destination.
One important thing to know, however, is this: the Italian passport “opens” the doors of many countries and is among the top 10 in the world for the possibilities it gives. Other nationalities are much less fortunate ….

Have a good trip then and look at the VISA!

Un pensiero riguardo “Tourist visa: when enter is very hard.

  1. Consigli molto utili per chi fa viaggi in Paesi extraeuropei, io per ora viaggio nei paraggi, quest’estate tornerò in Svizzera. 😉

    Mi piace


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